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The Contact Maintenance module is the place to store details of all your Customers, Suppliers and any other people you deal with.

Adding / changing Contacts

  • Select (the Contact module) from the Task Bar

For a new contact:

  • Click on the Contact toolbar.
  • Enter a unique identification code in the Customer ID field. If you leave this blank TSM will automatically assign a unique Customer ID for you when you save the new entry based on the company / contact name.

Whether adding or changing contact details:

  • Select whether the entry is for a Customer or a Supplier or Both. If you are unsure, Select Customer.
  • Tab through the fields in the other contact screen pages and enter any relevant information.
  • When all details are entered, click on the Contact toolbar to save the details or select the button to reset your changes.
  • To delete a contact, press the button and click on OK to confirm or Cancel to change your mind.

Searching for a Contact

There are 2 ways to locate the details for a particular contact.

Method 1

You can search the Customer by entering customer ID you are searching in the Customer ID Field and press Enter. If TSM finds an exact match then the selected contact will be displayed.

Method 2

You can search for a Customer ID by pressing the button on the tool bar, enter your search criteria into the Customer ID Field and press ENTER. If TSM finds a match then the contact will be displayed.

Within the search screen you designate the criteria to Search By and enter a value in the adjacent field to do the match against. When you have found a match, press the Select button or double click a row in the grid to retrieve the details.

You can customize your search by selecting:

  • Search By: in the “Search By” drop list, you can choose Customer ID, customer first/last name, phone number, address…of the customer you are trying to search.
  • Begins With/contains: You can search for a customer that has the search field “Begins With” or “Contains” the information you provide.
  • Account status: Can restrict search to only active/overdue/hold/inactive… contacts.
  • Site Customer: Can restrict search to only site/normal customer.
  • Search For: Can restrict search to customer/supplier/both.
  • Service Area: Can restrict search to the contacts in certain area.
  • Ignore inactive: Do not search for inactive customers.

You can also click on the column headings to change the sort order to match the column selected.

For example, if you want to search for a customer by their Last Name, select Last Name as the Search By criteria and enter their Last Name into search value. In a moment, TSM will bring up the nearest matching contact records.

TSM can locate whole words or parts of words allowing for very fast searches. Most criteria require you to enter either the first few characters but some search criteria allow you to search for any word within the field you are searching on. For example, you want to locate a contact that lives on a particular street but you can't remember whether it was Stevenson or Stephenson Road. Simply enter the common letters STE or ENSON and TSM will look for a STE or ENSON anywhere within the addresses. These internal string searches are slower than searching for words that start with the value selected.

Additional Contacts

In the Contacts tab of a Contact, the Additional Contacts page shows all the other contacts that are related to a Primary contact. Because a Primary contact can be a large company, you might communicate with more than one person from that organisation.

Additional contacts can be added, edited and deleted via the buttons when this page is selected. To edit a contact, select the contact from the contact list and change any of their details in the fields below the list.

The contact on the main Contact Details page is always the Primary Contact for a contact record. You can swap the primary contact with the selected additional contact in the table. To do this select the contact you want to swap with the primary contact and click . If you go to the Contact Details tab you will see that the contact details have changed to that of the selected secondary contact.


The History tab provides a convenient way of viewing Customer Equipment, Job, Invoice & Maintenance History

The History tab includes the following details:

Equipment under contract Display a list of all equipment on the Customer’s Maintenance records. Press the button to view the selected Contract and to add a new Job for the selected piece of equipment.
Job History A list of all the jobs carried out for the selected customer. Press the button to view the selected Job Card.
Invoices A list of all invoices raised against the selected customer. Press the button to display the selected job invoice.
Maintenance Schedules A list of all the Maintenance Schedules assigned to this customer’s equipment.

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