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The Products module contains all the information TSM needs about the items you service and the spare parts or services you may supply and/or repair.

Products can be spare parts used during service as well as the serviced item itself. They can also be additional job expenses such as accommodation, travel expenses etc.

If you have a range of products that you sell and service then you would include their details in this module. If you simply wish to keep account of what service parts you use, this module will make it easy to maintain that information as well.

If multi-location stock control is enabled then you can receive, issue and transfer products to, from and between each stock location.

Adding / changing Products

  • Select (the Products module) from the TSM Task Bar or Action Menu.

For a new Product:

  • Click on the toolbar.
  • Enter a unique part number into the Product ID field. The Product ID is compulsory, can be any combination of characters and digits and must be unique

Whether adding or changing product details:

  • Add a description for this new product.
  • Enter any other details about the product.
  • Click on the toolbar to keep the information or to discard your changes.

To delete the a product, just click and click on OK to confirm or Cancel to change your mind.

Searching for a Specific Product

If you want to search for a particular product there are 3 ways to locate it.

Method 1

You can search for a Product ID by entering your search criteria into the Product ID Field and press Enter. If TSM finds an exact match then the selected Product will be displayed.

Method 2

Use the Search window, by clicking the button from the toolbar, to enter codes or names to find a matching record (Similar to Contact search above.)

Within the search screen you designate the criteria to Search By and enter a string in the adjacent field to do the match against. TSM will move the pointer to the nearest product that matches the search string entered.

When you have found a match, press the Select button to retrieve the details.

TSM can locate whole words or parts of words, featuring an advanced information locator making it quick and easy to find exactly what you need.

Note: There is a time delay between entering the search string and the information locator updating. This delay can be adjusted in the TSM Setup.

You can further restrict which products are displayed by selecting the following:

Show: Upper box: All Products, Stock-only, Non-stock only. Lower box: Equipment, Spare Parts, Consumables…
Supplier: Select a specific supplier to display parts for.
Method 3

Select the record from the Browse window by clicking the button on the toolbar.

You can scan through the whole product database with the Browse window and manually select the record you want by clicking on a row in the table and pressing the Enter key on your keyboard.

Adjusting Inventory

The Adjust Inventory page option allows you to easily transfer stock from one location to another.

  1. Use the left pull-down list to select the location you wish to transfer stock from. Only inventory locations assigned to this item can be selected.
  2. Use the right pull-down list to select the location you wish to transfer stock to. This can be any location you have set up in TSM.

Select the quantity you wish to transfer and enter any additional information you might need to capture. By pressing , the requested quantity of the selected item will be transferred from the source to the target location. The on hand quantity will reduce in the source location and increase by the same amount in the target location.

Inventory adjustments are audit trailed and can be printed out from the Inventory Transfers report.

Note 1: Only available if Multi-Location Stock Control is enabled via the Inventory Setup page.

Receive/Issue Stock

The Receive/Issue stock page allows you to bring in and issue out stock from your inventory. Use this for stock that is received without a Purchase order or is used without going onto a job card.

Select Receive when you have purchased stock and wish to receive it into your inventory and Issue when you want to reduce your inventory. If you are using Multi-Location Stock Control you will also need to select the location you wish to issue stock from or receive stock into.

The Average Cost will be adjusted when receiving stock based on the cost and quantity of the items received. For example, if you had one unit in stock with an average cost of $10.00 and you receive another unit in with a cost of $20.00 then the average cost of your stock holdings will be $15.00. Issuing stock has no effect on the Average Cost.

Note: TSM automatically reduces your stock level as you use parts on Job Cards and POS Invoices and increases your stock levels when received in via Purchase Orders (If Active Stock Control is enabled in the TSM Setup).

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