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The Maintenance module in TSM is used to manage maintenance obligations and for keeping details of equipment on site. Thus, the Maintenance Module becomes a useful asset register of your customer’s equipment.

The Maintenance Module includes the following details:

Maintenance DetailsEnter details about a Maintenance Contract. You don’t actually have to have a Maintenance Contract to use the Maintenance module. You can just use it to list your customer’s equipment if you want.
Site A list of the sites covered under this contract. A Contract can cover one or more sites.
EquipmentEach site can contain multiple items of equipment with item details and warranty information. You can also set up multiple Preventative Maintenance plans for equipment at a site.
SchedulesYou can add maintenance schedule to the customer's equipment.
Prepaid TimeYou can pre-sell support time that is consumed over a period of time and manage it from here.
Job HistoryList of all jobs done under the Maintenance Contract
DocumentsLink any document to the Maintenance Contract such as a the actual contract documents.

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