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Cash Receipts

Cash Receipts

TSM allows you to track and add all invoice payments

Selecting the Cash Receipts button from the TSM Action Menu or Task Bar will show a list of all cash receipts entered into TSM.

The Cash Receipts screen gives you a view of all the cash receipts in tabular format and allows you to add and delete Cash Receipts.

You can select which cash receipts to display by setting various filters. By changing the Invoice number you limit the grid to only those entries for that selected invoice. The same occurs with the Billing ID, Cash Receipt Reference number and Receipt Date range fields.

An example of a filter would be selecting all cash receipts from Joe Bloggs receipted between the first and last days of this month.

You can also sort the list of Cash Receipts by Invoice No, Job Card No., Customer ID., Reference No., Payment Type, Receipt date and actual entry order.

Adding a Cash Receipt

1. Click on the Cash Receipts toolbar. You will be presented with the Cash Popup screen, as shown below.

2. A list of unpaid invoices is displayed in a table below the details entered. Select an invoice in the table that you wish to enter a receipt against and either enter into the yellow column the amount you are paying or if paying off the whole invoice, click on the “apply credit” button.

Note: If the outstanding invoice amount exceeds the total amount unapplied, only the difference will be applied against this invoice.

3. If the receipt covers multiple invoices then enter the individual amounts against each invoice. As you enter the amounts, the Unapplied field will automatically update to reflect the receipt total not yet applied to the invoice. If you make a mistake then you can select the incorrect entry and simply change it.

Note: It is important that you enter the Receipt Total before you apply any payments to invoices.

4. When you have completely allocated the entire receipt amount then “Save” button will be enabled. Click on Save to accept the receipt and update the invoices with the receipt amounts or “Cancel” to ignore the receipt.

Entering Credits

How do I enter a credit note into TSM?

TSM treats negative invoice totals as credit notes. Therefore, all you need to do to create a Credit Note is to create a new Job invoice for the bill payer you wish to credit and apply a negative amount to that invoice equal to the amount you wish to credit.

How do I apply a credit note to another invoice?

After creating a credit note for the desired amount, go to Cash Receipts off the main TSM Task Bar and add a new cash receipt for the relevant bill payer. The Receipt Total of this cash receipt should left as $0.

If you wish, select a payment Type of Credit (create one if it does not exist) to enable you to easily report later on all credits payments.

Find the invoice you wish to credit and apply the full outstanding amount by typing that amount into the yellow Received column. Find the Credit note with the equivalent but negative amount and apply the full negative outstanding amount to this credit note y typing the credit amount (as a negative) into the yellow Received column..

This will have the effect of applying the credit note to the invoice, removing both invoice and credit note from the debtors’ journal and having no impact on your cash receipts total.

How do I get a list of cash receipted?

Press the button to print out a Cash Receipts Report.

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