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Serialised Inventory

Serialised Inventory

Serialised Inventory allows the recording of serial numbers against individual items in stock.

To enable serialised inventory the setup options “Active Stock Control”, “Enable Serialised Inventory”, and “Multi-Location Stock” must be checked. These options are accessed via Utilities→ Setup→ Inventory tab.

To enable serialised inventory for each product, the serialised option must be checked on the Products tab.

Serialised parts can be added into stock via the Receive/Issue tab on the Products module, or received in through a Purchase Order.

From inventory they can be Used on a Job or Moved to another location.

Details of serial numbers against individual items can be found in the Serial Numbers of each product card.

Column Name Value
Serial #A list of all serial numbers which exist for this product.
LocationThe location where each of the actual parts exist.
UsedThe date when the part was used on a job.
CostThe cost of each part, set when received via Purchase Order or Receive/Issue function.
ReceivedThe date each part was received into stock.
NoteA note relating to each part which can be entered on this screen.
Order #The order number of the Purchase Order this part was received into.
Job #The number of the job this part was used on or received into.

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