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The Contact Maintenance module is the place to store details of all your Contacts, Suppliers and any other people you deal with.

Contact Maintenance Screen


The New, Save, Cancel and Delete buttons allow you to manage the Customer records, with the Arrow buttons used for navigation between records.

The Customer Search allows for advanced searching of customer records using ID and many other fields. The search can be run for Customer, Supplier and Contact records, and filtered to display only site customers and customers with a specific Account Status.

Customer Search Screen

In all cases you can specify whether the field you are searching begins the search string you have entered, or contains the string at any point.

The Print button will allow you to print any of the detailed contact reports found in the Contact Reports section for the current customer.

The Contact Toolbar has 2 unique options in addition to the standard buttons:

Click on the Last Job button to take you to the last job card created for this contact. This provides a convenient way of looking up Contact History as you search through contacts in Contact Maintenance.

Click on the Add Job button to open the Job Card screen and automatically add a new job for the selected contact. Note the job screen which was last opened in TSM will be one the new job is created in (i.e. Normal Job Cards, Lite Job Cards, Help Desk and Contract Jobs, but not POS jobs).

Primary Details

The primary fields used to identify the customer or supplier are set in the top section. The are:

Customer ID

Each contact is identified by a unique Customer ID. The Customer ID is used throughout TSM to identify that particular contact's details. You can supply your own unique Customer ID if you wish otherwise TSM will provide one for you. You can also configure the length of the Customer ID up to a maximum of 50 characters. See the Updating ID page for details on changing the Customer ID and merging customer records.

When not in edit mode, you can use this field to quickly jump to a different contact card. Simply type the first few letters of the Customer ID you are looking for and hit enter or tab to navigate to the first match for that ID.


If this is a company, enter its name here. Leave this blank where the entry is for an individual.

First Name, Middle Name, Last name

Enter the first, middle and last name of the individual or primary contact of the contact record. Note if you make any changes to these fields a new record on the Contacts tab will be created.

Customer / Supplier

Decide whether this Contact is classified as a Customer or a Supplier. This is used to conveniently hide unnecessary entries such as only displaying Suppliers when ordering stock for Purchase Orders, and is required for correct synchronisation with accounting packages.

Note: A message will be displayed, warning you if duplicate company name, address, phone or fax number is entered when adding a new contact.