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Time Sheets

Time Sheets

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Time Sheets Screen

TSM Time Sheets holds all of the detailed information regarding work performed by your employees. You can enter time sheet information directly against Job Cards, or use the End of Day utility or Time Sheet module to enter labour details for many jobs at once off a time sheet report supplied by the technician.

Main Screen

From the main Time Sheets Module Screen you can easily view all time sheet information in TSM in a way convenient to you. Upon entering the module you will be presented with a list of all the time sheet entries in TSM. To add, edit or delete a time sheet, press the matching buttons on the toolbar. Adding a new or editing an existing time sheet will open the Add/Edit Time Sheets screen where you can enter labour details. As TSM holds all time sheets ever entered, TSM provides you with the ability to filter the time sheets displayed to show only those you want to see. These filters include:

Employee ID

You can select a specific Employee ID to limit the time sheet entries displayed to only those entries for that individual employee.

Employee Type

You can select a specific Employee Type to limit the time sheet entries displayed to only those types (for example technicians, contractors, admin etc).

Employee Group

You can select a specific Employee Group to limit the time sheet entries displayed to only those entries for employees that are members of the selected Employee Group.

Labour Type

Select a specific type of labour to view (Standard, Overtime etc).


View time sheets for a selected contact.

Job #

View timesheets for a particular job.

Approved / Unapproved / Both

Display only approved Time Sheet entries, unapproved entries or all entries.

Date Filter

Select a date range to view time sheet entries between.


Display all new entries since you last processed time sheets.


Allows to reference timesheets by their reference field.

Display Colours

Ticking this box will display job colours.

Ignore pre-paid time

Filters out timesheets logged against pre-paid time.

Ignore Incident Jobs

Ignores jobs logged against prepaid incident time.

Sorted By

You can also choose to sort the time sheet entries by Date, Customer ID, Employee ID, Job Card # and natural entry order.

Comment Type

Select which time sheet comment to display:

Job Comment

The time sheet comment that appears on the Job Card / Invoice.

Internal Comment

The internal time sheet comment that does not appear on the Job Card / Invoice.

Work Performed

The Job Card Work Performed comment the time sheet is linked to.