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Maintenance screen

The Maintenance module in TSM is used to manage maintenance obligations and for keeping details of equipment on site. Thus, the Maintenance Module becomes a useful asset register of your contact’s equipment.

Maintenance Search screen

Click the search button to bring up the Maintenance Search screen. From here you can search all Maintenance Contracts for Customer ID, Customer Name and Contract Number, and filter the results to include only contract flagged as Active.

Equipment Search

If you click Search while on the Equipment tab, the Equipment Search screen will appear. You can search for Equipments ProductID, Serial number, as well as the associated Contract number, Customer ID and a number of other ways. Additionally you can filter the results by Equipment type, Contract Active status and Contract Current status (a contract is considered current when the current date is between the contracts start and expiry dates). The bottom tabs will display the selected equipments Contract, Schedules and Other Details.