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Job Centre

Job Centre

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[Job Centre screen]

The Job Centre is used to monitor jobs within TSM from one easily accessible location. It is also a convenient tool to display a listing of all jobs that match selected criteria such as active, unallocated, jobs due, today’s jobs etc. The Job Centre can also be used to assign employees to jobs, to mark jobs as having commenced (for example, the employee has arrived on site), or change the status of the job.

The job list can be sorted using a combination of the settings on the Options tab and the filters, selectable using the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of the module. By opening a number of Job Centre screens at once, each with a different filter and combined with the Visual Assignment Scheduler, you can easily manage a busy job dispatch operation.

Menu Options on the Job Centre include:

Launches the Job Card screen and adds a new Job. The screen displayed will the last job card type opened (Service jobs, Contract Jobs, etc).

Opens the Job Card screen and displays the job currently selected in the Job Centre.

Launches the Contact Maintenance module and displays the customer for the currently selected job.

Pressing the Print button prints out a Job Centre summary report.

Use the Filters Option to create filters to use in the Job Centre.

Click to bring up the Columns dialogue which allows you to select which columns are displayed on the Job Centre screen.

Click to repopulate the Job grid based on the current filters. The Job Centre can be set to automatically refresh based on the value in Setup, and enable for each logged in user in User Options.

Opens the Current Assignments screen for the selected job.

Click to switch between Public and Private filters. Public filters are available to all TSM users while only the currently logged in user can see their own Private filters.

Entering a date will filter the Job list to display only jobs with the same due date.


Daily # Jobs

The daily jobs total displays the total number of jobs due on the same date as the currently selected job in the Job Centre Browser. This lets you quickly determine how busy your workload is for any given day.

Total # Jobs

Shows the total number of matching jobs in the Job Centre Browser.


Displays the line number of the selected job in the current Job Centre List.

Quick Job Logging

At the bottom of the module contains some Job Logging controls, that allow the user to make basic administrative changes to the jobs in the job list. The Service Requested as well as the job’s site address are also displayed and are read-only.


The Job Centre is an excellent place to assign employees to a job. Note: Assigning an Employee ID here does not create an assignment in the Visual Job Centre

Job Date

Choose a Job Due date to set for the selected job.


Choose a status code for the selected job.


The commenced check box allows you to easily flag the selected job as being commenced. Checking this box will set the Job Card commenced date / time to the current date and time. In practice, employees should contact the office when they arrive on site and the operator should check this option.

Send to PDA

Sends the job to the PDA.

Info tabs

The Notes, Service Requested, Work Performed and Site Address fields will display the corresponding info from the currently selected job. Click on the tabs label to bring it to the front.