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Cash Receipts

Cash Receipts

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Cash Receipts screen

TSM provides you with the ability to add and track payments against invoices. The Cash Receipts screen gives you a view of all the cash receipts in tabular format, while the toolbar can be used to Add, delete and Report on payment records.

You can select which cash receipts to display by setting various filters. These include:


Display only payments made against the selected invoice number.


Shows only payments for invoices recorded against the entered CustomerID.


Filter for payments with the exact entered reference.


Displays only invoices raised from jobs with the selected department set.


Filters for invoices against jobs with the selected default location.

Filter Date

Filter to display payments based on the payment date.

Sorted By

You can also sort the list of Cash Receipts by Invoice No, Job Card No., Customer ID., Reference No., Payment Type, Receipt date and actual entry order.


The read-only BillingID, Reference and Details fields will display the information from the selected payment.