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Contact Access Setup

Contact Access Setup

  • In TSM Back Office, go to ACTION > CONTACTS
  • Inside Contact Maintenance, identify company by Customer ID that will use TSM Self Service.
  • Click on “General” tab and get or reset the password in SS Password.
    • Initial password is auto generated every time you create a new contact. You can modify the value at anytime.
    • A value is necessary. Empty or no password is not accepted in TSM Self Service.
    • Suggest to limit number of characters to 8. Encoded value by default is in caps lock mode thou TSM Self Service login is not case sensitive.

TSM Self Service Setup

This setup helps TSM Customer to handle notification for new job created by Contacts or Clients inside TSM Self Service.

  • In TSM Back Office go to UTILITIES > SETUP and click on TSM Self Service tab.
  • You may set the email, default subject and job card number for new jobs notification.
  • For job logging details (Job status, type, service and priority Code), select as per business or work process.
  • Customized email heading base on job types (Customer, Onsite, Workshop and Maintenance/Warranty).
  • “Login by ContactEmail”, use contact person email address to login to TSM Self Service. We suggest to use Customer ID as the login.
  • “Output path for printed documents” or FTP URL for printed documents”, file location or FTP where all related job documents (job card details, report, invoice, etc.) are kept for Contact to access, view or download. You will need your IT to help setup the mapped drive or FTP access for Contact.

Contacts or Clients Access

TSM Customer will provide the following details to their Contact or Client.

  • The “TSM Service portal URL. It will be the same portal URL for all their Contacts or Clients.
  • The “Client ID” as Customer ID and “Password” as SS password inside in TSM Back Office Contact Maintenance card.
  • Any initial or First time login for Contacts, TSM Self Service will ask to reset password. The new save password will reflect in TSM Back Office Contact Maintenance card.